ISIS may get heavy funding – This time via the “Clock Kid”

ISIS may get heavy funding – This time via the “Clock Kid”

We all the know the story of an American guy Ahmed, this current year Ahmed was captured by the police as a suspect of making a bomb which was just an ordinary clock.

One of his teachers spotted the clock made by Ahmed and thought that it is a bomb, he immediately informed school Principal about the situation. The Principal called the Irving police. And so the Ahmed was greeted by his teacher, Principal and a few cops in the Principal’s office. Now the very last month, Ahmed and his family moved to Qatar but they now wanted to come back to the USA.

In a letter to the mayor and the Irving police chief the Clock kid’s family asked for a written apology as well as a massive amount of $15 million.

Extracting from this all situations it is quite possible that the United States Government is just trying to make up a game plan here and those $15 million will be secretly transferred to ISIS (the most famous terrorist organization in the world now a days).

What do you think about this particular situation, isn’t it a right place and time to help the home made terrorist organization when they are being attacked by Russian Air Force?. It is also possible that in the name of $15 million a bigger amount of money can be transferred to ISIS using the “Clock Kid” as a pawn. Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.

Credits: Ageeky

The Author prefers to remain anonymous as sometimes it becomes very painful to relinquish anonymity.

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