Stephen Hawking reveals the secret of black holes

Stephen Hawking reveals the secret of black holes

The theoretical physicist has provided a new solution to the paradox of black holes, which remove and retain information at the same time.

A group of scientists led by the famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking has proposed a new solution to understand the paradox of black holes, one of the most important problems in physics, since it determines the correlation between the past, present and future.

The article, titled ‘Soft Hair on Black Holes, is about the information about black holes and answers the question: What happens when the information falls a black hole, you persist or lost? The rules of quantum physics assume that the probability of a quantum state information does not disappear, but this time there seems to be the case.

Thus, in the early 70s physicist John Wheeler declared that “black holes have no hair”, which gave rise to no hair theorem, which states that black holes are bald and that all solutions are characterized three externally observable parameters: mass, electric charge and angular momentum.

However, in this new document Hawking ‘puts hair’ black holes and ensures that they are training in space-time, which may exist around the event horizon of a black hole in a “Super Shuttle“. So, as a charged particle passes the threshold of a black hole, your information is removed and left out. The “super transfer” occurs when incoming information shakes slightly the fabric of space-time, but enough to influence the radiation emitted by the black hole.

Also, these “super transfers” can be seen as “soft” particles that have zero or near zero energy. Hawking and his co-author, Andrew Strominger, speak of “soft” gravitons-the theorized shape of particles and photons gravity, the way light particles that emerge charged and, when they fall into the black hole, the information carried, but not the power.

The Author prefers to remain anonymous as sometimes it becomes very painful to relinquish anonymity.

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