The Anti-Christ – Islam

The Anti-Christ – Islam

As we all know Islam is considered as one of the major religions of the world with more than 1.7 billion followers. The religion Al-Islam is like just above 1400 years old. So what actually Islam says about Anti-Christ aka Dajjal.

Hugo Chavez recently accused the U.S of triggering the Earthquake in Haaiti by weather-modifying HAARP rats. However, very soon there will be arise a man who will cause tremors, droughts, rains and even warp the length of days.

Once, with a crew of 30 Yemeni Tribesmen, a formerly Christian Companion called Tameem ad-Daari (R) set off to Sea. But unforeseen storms battered their ship ship for a month, and they strayed off course, losing all bearings eventually. Ending up in uncharted waters, their ship drew near a strange Island, which they sighted as the Sun began to set. So a group ventured off in a lifeboat hoping to procure provisions, but were alarmed by the beast that they met. As they set foot on the shore and moved inland they were halted by a creature, who with thick hair was cloaked. They couldn’t tell its front from his back, and frightened they asked what it was and to their amazement, it spoke! They said “Woe to you! What are you?” “I am al-Jassasah (the spying scout)!” she replied, looking devilishly gory. Without further she said, ” O people! Go to the man in the Temple ruins for he eagerly waits to hear your story!”.

Fearfully, they left making their way to the Temple ruins, where they came across the biggest man they’d ever seen! He was tied up in iron chains binding his hands to his neck and ankles to his knees, and his purpose they’d soon glean.

He questioned the Arab sailors to obtain information of them and how they ended up on the island being thrown. When they asked who he was, he said he would tell them later after he received answers to his questions of his own.

He asked, “Tell me about the date trees of Baisan ( a place near Scythopolis in Jordan) and whether they still bear dates. When they replied affirmatively, he startled them saying, “Soon they will bear no fruit!” and continued his debates. Then he asked, “Tell me about Lake tiberias (Sea of Galilee) and whether its water levels are still high?”. When they replied it had plenty of water in it, he startled them again saying, “Soon it will disappear and dry!”. Then he asked about the spring of Zughar (either Wadi al-Safi in Jordan or a town near Syria’s Aleppo) and its use. But when they told him that it still had lots of water from which people grew plants, he didn’t comment on the news.

The Author prefers to remain anonymous as sometimes it becomes very painful to relinquish anonymity.

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