The Elite Geek “Bill Gates” Want Us dead

The Elite Geek “Bill Gates” Want Us dead

Vaccines are good right ? but I think you might not say the same after reading this  article, world is full of poverty, people are getting exposed to dangerous diseases and getting themselves killed without even doing anything about it. One of the ways it can be countered would be to give people proper medication and care, our elite class the aka “The Great Money Swaggers” can save the world by their money. But you’d be quiet amazed what radical opinion our one of the richest people THE SUPREME BILL GATES have on this scenario.

Eh! Vaccines & Vaccines – Bill Gates:

Bill gates have been providing vaccines and medicines to the poorest areas of the planet, which is a very generous act but what if the vaccines are designed to kill us ? So you do not believe ? right ? just keep reading. In a TED Talk conference Bill gates delivered his 3-mins of evil conspiracy to the world , according to him vaccines can be used to reduce the population of the planet ! and why would he say it ? because he believe the world is facing all the mainstream problems due to amount of people living in this world which gets on increasing day by day.
One day will come this planet won’t be enough for us.

I was wondering that it could be a mistake or he said without thinking, but seriously someone like Bill Gates who is helping Africa and many rural areas why such a helping personality would utter such evil words on a intended Talk Conference !

Research on this vaccines showed that it contains detergent like ‘triton x-100’ also known as ‘octoxynol 10’ which a kind of sperm controlling agent. It demolishes the trait of a sperm to produce fertile eggs. Long story short these vaccines are making people infertile !

This is the one of the cruelest act in the humanity to judge someone who can reproduce and who can’t. It’s like deciding only rich and smart people can live and have kids all other are useless and have no right to seek happiness in life, since when a person became responsible to decide the lives of these million innocent people. Numerous are already suffering from this intended malfunction of vaccines in addition to that no one knows what other biological weapons are being used by these conspiracy makers! So next time you see vaccines stop, think and research before ingesting it.

The Author prefers to remain anonymous as sometimes it becomes very painful to relinquish anonymity.

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